Explore Iceland 2017. a guided tour by the_roadtripper 13.03.2017 – 19.03.2017

Hi! It´s me,  Alex!

or better known for the most of you as “the_roadtripper” on instagram.

The past 5 Years i travelled quite alot and it became a familar feeling when i went abroad somewhere and in my head i was already thinking “what could i do next!?”

It´s not to tell the people where i´ve been everywhere. It´s to see the world. to realize what Human´s and the Nature is capable of.. and this is where our journey starts.


I went last October to Iceland and got so Fascinated by the whole package that inside me an idea was born and it is growing and growing.


I wanna show YOU what i discovered last year.


We will have our homebase near Reykjavik.  Currently i am working on a complete house with a room for everyone and a hot tub! so it will be pretty nice.

From there we will start our 5 Full day Trips on the South and the Westcoast (will give you some hints what you will get at the end of the Post). That means we will have our luggage in the house and we return every evening.  So everyone can have a shower and is able to Relax.


a short Trip Plan with a google maps map.


-Day 0 : we will meet in Reykjavik / at the Airport

-Day 1:  Snaefellsnes National Park

-Day 2: Southcoast Day 1  (skogafoss + Dc9 Planewreck + Black beach + Vik)

-Day 3: Southcoast Day 2 (Glacier´s + Glacier Lagoon + some awesome spots on the way)

-Day 4: Extended Golden Circle

-Day 5: Reykjavik & Blue Lagoon

-Day 6: we will leave the House

During the nights. if there is a chance of northern lights we´ll drive to some scenic places to catch them and get some good shots.


I´ve been at all of those places beside the Blue Lagoon because i  went almost every day in Natural Hot Springs somewhere in the Nature. If you guys wanna do that we will manage it! it is worth it!


Thr main goal is to make you happy! i wanna give something back and this is the first step of it 🙂


Now let me tell you what is included and what you will get!

The Total Price is 800€ !



-Breakfast and a Hot meal in the Evening (cooked by us with Fresh food we get in the Store)


-Our Car


-The House

-Entry to the Blue Lagoon

-Entry to Kerid VolcanoCrater

-All road Tax (there are toll Tunnels)

-Alot of fun and Countless EPIC moments!


NOT included

-Plane Ticket to Iceland (you can get some pretty cheap tickets from www.wowair.com )

-Alcoholic Drinks

-Snacks like chips and chocolate

-Airport shuttle to Reykjavik (its not that expensive)


you can contact me:   igroadtripper@gmail.com




Well. now let me give you some  Inspiration what you will get!




Southcoast – Black Beach

Snaefellsnes – Incredible Cliffs

-Snaefellsnes – Lighthouse

-Southcoast – Glacier Lagoon meets the Ocean

-Southcoast – hidden Waterfall

-Southcoast – Skogafoss

-Southcoast – DC9

-Golden Circle – Kerid Crater

-Southcoast – Glacier Lagoon

a journey around the world…